Guided Visit in the Herbal Garden

In the vicinity of the botanical garden, surrounded by the lavender fields, lies the Herbal Garden created according to the 9th century St. Gallen monastery plan. Following the medieval tradition, medicinal and culinary herbs are grown and presented in the flowerbeds. During the interactive programme in the herbal garden, guests can learn about herbs, which can be usually found in a monastery garden, and also about their health protecting, curative effects. In addition to the theoretical lecture, visitors have the opportunity to scent and taste herbs.

After the interactive presentation of the plants of the herbal garden, our visitors can watch a short film and visit the lavender distillery. They can get acquainted with the processing of lavender and the preparation of lavender oil.

After the programme, our guests can try herbal teas compiled on the basis of the recipe book which was found in the Archabbey and dates from 1735. Depending on the season, herbal syrups are also available.

The guided visit in the herbal garden can be completed with chocolate and/or bisquit and/or liqueur tasting.

Depending on the weather conditions, the outdoor part of the programme can be cancelled.

The organization of the program can be guaranteed only upon preliminary registration in Hungarian, English and German.

Duration of the programme: approx. 40 minutes, with tasting approx. 60 minutes. With a minimum payment of 15 tickets.

Entrance fees:

Guided Visit in the Herbal Garden in English or German
adult 1,800 HUF/person
student* 1,100 HUF/person
Special offers with Herbal Garden guided tour only
Tasting of Benedictine herbal chocolate (3 kinds) and Vis Vitalis Benedictine mineral water (0,4 L) 800 HUF/person
Tasting of Benedictine liqueur (1 snifter) without mineral water
500 HUF/person
Tasting of Benedictine liqueur (3 snifters) and Vis Vitalis Benedictine mineral water   (0,4 L) 1,500 HUF/person
Tasting of Benedictine biscuits (3 kinds) and Vis Vitalis Benedictine mineral water     (0,4 L) 700 HUF/person

* full-time students only