The History of the School

iskola21The construction of the boarding school started in 1939. Prime Minister Pál Teleki and Krizosztom Kelemen, the Archabbot of the time wanted to set up an "Italian" secondary school in which teaching the Italian language and culture would receive heavy emphasis.

In the very beginning children would come here at the age of ten, there would be twenty-five students in a class, and the school would be eight-year-long. It was an entirely genuine step in the history of the Hungarian and the local Benedictine schools to build the school and the student's lodgings together. The community of the students who went to the same class stayed together in the dormitory, lived in the same rooms, and the form teacher would be in most cases a dormitory teacher (prefect) as well.

The school of Pannonhalma was brought under state control in June 1948, and the corridors connecting the school with the monastery were walled up.
The school as a Benedictine grammar school could reopen in 1950 and was one of the eight Catholic secondary schools which could survive even during the years of Communism in Hungary.