Liturgikus rend

Liturgical Schedule of the Archabbey Church


Vigils and Lauds 6.00 AM

Holy Mass 6.50 AM Saturdays only

Noon Prayer (in the choire) 12.50 PM

Holy Mass with Vespers 6.40 PM (Monday-Friday)

Vespers 7.00 PM Saturdays


Vigils and Lauds 6.45 AM

Holy Mass (marked by folk's tradition) 9.00 AM

Convent Mass of the Monks with Gregorian Chants 10.00 AM

Holy Mass 11.30 AM (during the school year)

Noon Prayer (in the choire) 12.50 PM

Vespers 5.00 PM

Family Mass (designed for families with children) 5.45 PM (1st Sept. - 15th June)

Holy Masses in the Pannonhalma Parish Church (in the town):

Sundays: 8.00, 9.00, 10.00 AM

Daily: 6.00 PM (7.00 PM during daylight saving time)